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A Challenge towards Trust

We make deeper trust with technology increasing by change and innovation

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I sincerely give my appreciation to the customers visit our website!

NSCompany Co., Ltd. established on May 1961 and started its business with machine equipment construction and doing plant construction, generating unit repair, and manufacturing automobile parts.

Heat conservation, duct, machine installation, electricity, professional firefighting and steel structure business centering plant construction in the Construction Industry Div. and securing patented technology and matchless construction capability in heat conservation and cold conservation construction of cutting-edge industrial plant.

Our Power Plant Business Div. provides stable repair work and superior quality service giving quality certification for generating unit repair qualified company from the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and power generation subsidiary in thermoelectric/nuclear power plant repair work field.

Automobile Parts Business Div. introduced latest processing equipment when transfer to Gyeongju factory in 2016, and developed as professional manufacturer for front knuckle and rear carrier which are major part of automobile sash.

We will perform the tasks given to us sincerely with the heart of customer and our first intention on the basis of “challenge”, trust” and “technical skill”, and we request your unstained support.

Thank you!

President & CEO Se-Woo Nam